Continuous Improvement Plan

Continuous Improvement Plan
Posted on 07/23/2015
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Gresham Elementary Continuous Improvement Plan    At-A-Glance 2014-2015

Needs Assessment:

DIBELS: Beginning of the year scores for the 2014-2015 school year show Kindergarten FSF scores at 31% and 42% considered to be at benchmark on the composite score. BOY first grade PSF scores show 64% at benchmark, NWF-CLS at 68% benchmark, NWF-WWR at 53%, and 59% considered to be at benchmark on the composite score. Beginning of the year scores for the 2014-2015 school year do not indicate any subtests over 70%.

ASPIRE: Reading 33%, Math 28%

ACCESS: 70% proficient on AMAO-A, 23% proficient on AMAO-B

Alabama Science Assessment: Earth and Space 70%, Physical Science 47%

Attendance: 1284 Unexcused absences, 1758 Unexcused Tardies

Discipline: 254 Student Referrals, 53 Students Out Of School Suspensions, 76 Bus Infractions

Professional Development: The following areas were the top priorities of a majority of GES teachers: 2.7 Creates learning activities that optimize each individual’s growth and achievement within a supportive environment, 2.1 Designs a classroom organization and management system built upon sound, age-appropriate expectations, and research-based strategies for promoting behavior, and 2.10 Maintains evidence and records of learning performance to communicate progress

Stakeholder Feedback:

Trends that showed up across stakeholder surveys showed that students indicated lower scores (2.64) in “my family likes to come to school”, and that “my teachers ask my family to come to school activities” (2.42). Closely related is a score from the parent survey that indicates a lower score (3.99) in “the school provides opportunities for students to participate in activities that interest them”. Teacher surveys indicated room for growth in “all teachers in our school regularly use instructional strategies that require student collaboration, self-reflection, and development of critical thinking skills.”

Improvement Plan (Goals, Strategies, and Activities):

Ø All learners at Gresham Elementary School will become actively engaged through the work of PLC’s.


Principal will facilitate the work of the Guiding Coalition.

School facilitators will participate in district training, implement and plan training for GES.

Classroom teachers will participate in school level training and will implement strategies to promote student discourse.

Students will participate in quality questioning, formative assessment, student discourse to deepen their understanding at all applicable depths of knowledge.

All students will increase their knowledge base in reading, research, and math skills through the use of various software programs that support the implementation of the CCRS.

Technology resources will be purchased and utilized in order to support and enhance the instructional program.

School faculty and staff will participate in professional development for the successful implementation of technology to support the CCRS.


Improvement Plan (Goals, Strategies, and Activities):

Ø A 5.58% increase of all students will demonstrate a proficiency of performance in Reading.


Teachers will engage students in collaborative conversation strategies, accountable talk and quality questioning to help students identify text evidence in support of an opinion or an answer to a question.


Ø A 6% increase of all students will demonstrate a proficiency of performance in Math.


Teachers will require students to analyze, develop a strategy, and solve word problems through discussion with their peers about the mathematical reasoning required to solve the problem.


Ø Gresham Elementary will improve students’ ability to take ownership and make wise choices for their behavior each day.


Faculty and staff will continue to use behavior charts, good character coupons, recognition notices, G-Force Recognition, and other methods of encouraging good behavior and wise decision-making.

Faculty will participate in professional development to improve proficiency at effectively managing student behavior in the classroom.


Ø Gresham Elementary will improve its overall rate of attendance.


Administrators and teachers will place labels in student agendas to remind parents of attendance policies and to send an appropriate excuse when a student is absent.


Ø The culture of learning at Gresham Elementary School will be positively impacted by the extended day/year and parenting activities.


Teachers will provide support beyond the school day and/or year in order to reinforce student strengths and provide support for weaknesses. (Better Basics Enrichment, Tutoring)

Materials, resources, and programs will be developed and/or purchased which assist parents with involvement in their child’s education.